Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weekends too?! -- A dog's work is never done.

Today I joined my Caring Canines team at an assisted living facility. I was the shrimpo of the pack, but I was a big man on the job. I met a super nice lady and asked her if she wanted to take a photo with me. She said she'd be "delighted." I think that meant "yes" cuz when Mama showed her the results, she was extra happy. I'm guessing by her smile that I musta put on all the right moves!

A little later in the day, my Aunt Turah and Mama took me to my AKC Canine Good Citizen exam. I'm not sure why I needed this-- maybe Mama and Aunt Turah thought I was a bad citizen somehow? I have to say, this test was a bit tricky. First of all, who makes a pup take a test at a groomer's place? Was this some kind of joke?! I'm petrified of the groomer and getting my nails cut! I call shenanigans!

The evaluator made me perform so many commands. She even asked me to be calm and quiet when my Mama left the room. That one woulda been easier if I didn't understand all the crying dogs in the back room telling me to run for my life!

Aunt Turah and I celebrating!  I passed Aunt Turah!!
The good news is that I passed. I'm now officially AKC certified. Hmmmm..I wonder if I have more degrees than Mama and Papa now?


  1. Congrats Cooper on passing your Good Citizens exam! We all knew you were a good citizen already though :)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS COOP! You are really SUPER and makeus very proud! Carry on the good job!