Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cooper hikes Mt Wachussett

Papa and me

On my way to our hike!  I'm sooo excited!
Hmm...let me try this pond to cool myself off.
I just got back from taking Papa on a hike. I was a bit worried for him. The climb was unrelenting, filled with rocks and boulders all the way up. I had to pull to the side twice to rest in the shade and get a drink of water (Oh my God, if I could only tell you how many times my Papa stopped-- but that just wouldn't be cool). They told me it was a 30-40 min climb up, but it felt like an eternity with my little legs. Luckily at the top, I found a pond. When no one was looking, I walked right in to cool off.  (Okay, truth is I followed a Portuguese Water Dog into the pond until I realized that I'm better off in the shallow end!)
I made it!

Going back down the mountain was much easier. Papa and Mama were a bit slower-- something about it being 'jarring to the knees.'  Whatever that means?    Must be a people thing.

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