Thursday, June 30, 2011

No coffee break for this pup!

Boy oh boy have I been busy.  I was so busy today that when Mama and Papa came by in the afternoon for a coffee break, I had to turn them down. They just happened to come by when I was with my 3 o'clock.  Business before pleasure guys.

Funny thing is..I had just bumped into Papa outside the library while I was on a restroom-break with Joshua. Once I saw Papa, I ran up to him with my butt and tail awaggin'. Papa didn't introduce himself, so I think Joshua was a bit confused by my excitement over a mere "stranger."   But  OMG!  Let's focus on what's important:  Can someone please tell me "when did my Papa start working at my work?"

At about 5:00, Mama came by to pick me up-- much earlier than usual (I don't think she appreciates my high-traffic hours).   5:00 is when people go home and I get lots of love on their way out! For example, have I told you about Karen?  Karen is one of my favorites. She doesn't work on my floor, but I perk up when she visits.  I think she's super sweet.  She always stops by to say "hello" in the morning and "bye" in the evening.  Certainly Mama wouldn't knowingly deprive me of this?  

It turns out that Mama waited patiently around the corner while my session was running late. After 5 minutes though, I caught a small glimpse of her and sat-pretty to get her attention (even though my 4:15 clients were still around).   My coworker, Emily, stalled a bit (btw, she's great),  and told Mama about a few of my appointments.  There was a lady today who just wanted to sit and pet me on the sofa  for the entire session.  Ain't no complainin' from this pup!  Earlier, there was a lady and two guys who were dressed identically in blue from head to toe.  Humans can be so weird.   Emily told Mama that they were residents still dressed in their scrubs.   I've seen the lady once before and happily greeted her.  Her mood seemed lighter and happier after just one treatment with me.  I think I'm honing my skills! 

Before I forget, I've got to tell you why I love Emily. Sometimes when I'm having a gap between appointments, I give her my best puppy-face and come-hither stare.  It works like a charm!  She follows me to my sofa and works on her computer while keeping me company.  Aaah, I cherish those quiet times.

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