Sunday, March 10, 2013

My new profession!

I've been asked to review The ToughHound All Sports dog collar. It can be found at the Dog Bark Collar store.

This collar is quite stylish. I chose an espresso brown to match my coat. It features a nameplate that is integrated with the collar, so it lies flat and flush against your neck. I like this feature 'cuz normally my tags jingle quite a bit and everyone can hear all of my movements-/ not so good if you wanna sneak up on your family. Another nice feature is that the nameplate could never fall off, so I wouldn't have to worry about my contact information being lost. Speaking of which, the laser-engraved etching allows you to personalize the collar with 4 lines of text in various fonts (to protect my privacy, my information has been blurred in the above photograph).

The collar is made from highly-durable polycoated webbing which will likely last a long time-- especially if you're a pup like me who likes to chew on it whenever it comes off! The ToughHound’s collar is non-porous, dries rapidly, and doesn't absorb typical doggy odors.

My only problem with this collar is that the buckle is a bit too heavy and large for a masculine, yet petit dog, like myself. I would have also preferred it if they made a ToughHound harness, since my Mama insists that my neck is fragile and prefers not to pull on it for my safety. That being said, if you're a "hefty" and meaty kinda dog, than ToughHound All Sports is for you!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Cooper is overdue."

Did someone forget to return me?

Yesterday, after his day in the clinic, I overheard Papa tell Mama that he had a medical student with him that knew me. He didn't know Dr Anderson was my Papa, and proceeded to tell Papa his Cooper story:
"We have a dog at the medical school. It's really cool. We can check him out. I checked him out the other day and later, when I got home, I got an email saying 'Please return Cooper. Cooper is overdue.' I even had to call the library and tell them I already returned him. It wasn't me. I didn't lose him!"

Those silly medical students!

Turns out, sometimes the librarian forgets to scan me back into the system-- then I'm marked as 'overdue.'

Anyway, what a small world! Papa went on to tell him that he was my (proud) Papa.