Thursday, June 30, 2011

I think my Papa is stalking me!

Looking out the car window-- I see my Papa!!

Oh my God!  First I see my Papa at my work, then I see him out the car window on my drive home!

"We already live together Papa.  You might wanna give me a wee bit of space..."

No coffee break for this pup!

Boy oh boy have I been busy.  I was so busy today that when Mama and Papa came by in the afternoon for a coffee break, I had to turn them down. They just happened to come by when I was with my 3 o'clock.  Business before pleasure guys.

Funny thing is..I had just bumped into Papa outside the library while I was on a restroom-break with Joshua. Once I saw Papa, I ran up to him with my butt and tail awaggin'. Papa didn't introduce himself, so I think Joshua was a bit confused by my excitement over a mere "stranger."   But  OMG!  Let's focus on what's important:  Can someone please tell me "when did my Papa start working at my work?"

At about 5:00, Mama came by to pick me up-- much earlier than usual (I don't think she appreciates my high-traffic hours).   5:00 is when people go home and I get lots of love on their way out! For example, have I told you about Karen?  Karen is one of my favorites. She doesn't work on my floor, but I perk up when she visits.  I think she's super sweet.  She always stops by to say "hello" in the morning and "bye" in the evening.  Certainly Mama wouldn't knowingly deprive me of this?  

It turns out that Mama waited patiently around the corner while my session was running late. After 5 minutes though, I caught a small glimpse of her and sat-pretty to get her attention (even though my 4:15 clients were still around).   My coworker, Emily, stalled a bit (btw, she's great),  and told Mama about a few of my appointments.  There was a lady today who just wanted to sit and pet me on the sofa  for the entire session.  Ain't no complainin' from this pup!  Earlier, there was a lady and two guys who were dressed identically in blue from head to toe.  Humans can be so weird.   Emily told Mama that they were residents still dressed in their scrubs.   I've seen the lady once before and happily greeted her.  Her mood seemed lighter and happier after just one treatment with me.  I think I'm honing my skills! 

Before I forget, I've got to tell you why I love Emily. Sometimes when I'm having a gap between appointments, I give her my best puppy-face and come-hither stare.  It works like a charm!  She follows me to my sofa and works on her computer while keeping me company.  Aaah, I cherish those quiet times.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis-- from Cooper's Perspective

So my Aunt Anne just asked what  I thought about the breakup of George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis. After two years together and what seemed to be a happy relationship, they have parted ways.

My advice to the ladies is simple.  In fact, in my mind, it's a no-brainer:  After a year together with your man, bring him to the vet to get neutered.  This way, he will be calmer, cuddlier and forever loyal.  Trust me, I know!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cooper's weekend work at Neville Place, Cambridge MA

 Here I am awaiting my Caring Canines team at Neville Place in Cambridge, MA.  Mama and I are team leaders for this visit.  This usually means I need to step up to the plate and reign in the troops!

To the right, you'll see the team I had for this mission:  Annie, a Poodle-Shih-tzu mix who won my heart, Murphy, the English Springer Spaniel who's my buddy on visits, and Gracie, the beautiful big Goldendoodle.

The visit was a good one.  Mama and I met a very eloquent Armenian couple from Belmont who've been married for 59 years!  You know what happened when Mama asked what the secret to a lasting marriage was?   The husband answered, "she's right," at the exact same time that his wife answered, "he's right."   ---Super cute!!

Later we met a funny man named Manny (see the picture to the right).  He was such a big flirt with my Mama and all the ladies!  He said to Mama, "just put the puppy on the next guy's lap and you come sit on mine!"  She was a bit shocked and laughed a bit.  She tried to get him to pet me, but then he reached his hand out and rubbed Mama's chin and cheek!  While I think he was harmless, we best not tell Papa.

Next I met a wonderful lady named Nora (see below).  We had a very nice chat.  She told me that Manny was 700 dog-years old!  Wow. That's 100 human years.  She said that after we take her picture, we should take his  photo and submit it to the police!

Overall, it was a fun and funny visit.  There were lots of smiles all around the room!

When we got home, Papa told me that we were going to go to the neighborhood block party.  Hope I can get some grilled chicken breast as a reward for a job well done !!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

6/23/11 Cooper Therapy 101

So just in case you wondered if I was excited to come to work, here's what I'm like once Mama parks the car and opens the door for me.  Once you get the glass doors of the medical library open, you pass the security guard (don't forget to show your ID.... unless, of course, if you're with me!) and then make a quick right to "my office."

As with every good therapist, I have a comfy sofa in my office.  When my appointments arrive, they take a seat on the sofa and I begin the process of "fixing" their problems.   For example, please see below.

Step one:  Tell me your problems or just cry

Step two:  You get lots of kisses!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

6/21/11 Cooper's 5th Day at HMS and his 1st Interview!

Just prior to my interview with Dr. Ann MacDonald of Harvard Health Publications.
 Bet you all want my job!  This is my wonderful couch.  My friends at work got this for my "office area."  I love it.  I meet all my appointments here on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Today, however, I will begin my day here with my very first interview.  Dr. Ann MacDonald of Harvard Health Publications came to find out all about little old me and the benefits of therapy dogs to both the mental and physical well-being of people.
 I think I rocked the interview.  Stay tuned...I'll let you know when the publication is released! 

Anyway, while they were setting up for my interview, I took the liberty to say "Hi there! Good morning from way down here" to all the people entering at the guard station. One lady with big sunglasses and a long skirt bent down to pet me and I had to pop my head out from beneath her skirt. She giggled while she pet my head and said, "Oh Cooper, so nice to see you too!" Then I went on to the next library guest (@9am they're never ending!). He was a tall dapper African American man in a suit. He gave me lots of head rubs and said he has a dog at home and was glad to see one here. I made my way through the morning rush and often clogged the entrance. I've got to refine my greeting efficiency! Dr. MacDonald and Mama were about a few feet behind me and heard lots of people say wonderful things about me as they walked into the library.  "Cooper's here!  It must be Tuesday!"  "Hi Cooper!  You make my day!"  "I think that everyone has been in happier spirits in the last week and a half that Cooper's been here.  He's been the best addition to this library."   Oh and what about the sweet lady beside the elevator banks who asked my Mama, "Does Cooper get depressed after work? He has to hear so many problems, does he get sad or depressed? You're not worried for him?" Hmmm...note to self: ask Mama if I have workman's compensation?

I have to admit, I'm so glad I can make people feel good about coming to work.  It's a great way for me to start my day.  

This is my office building:  Countway Library of Medicine

If you could please get the door for me...

Okay, here I am in the stacks.  I believe this is the non-fiction genre.

In the morning, I greet people and try to earn a big smile. (These are the stairs at the foyer of Countway.)

Hard at work!  Tough job.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cooper hikes Mt Wachussett

Papa and me

On my way to our hike!  I'm sooo excited!
Hmm...let me try this pond to cool myself off.
I just got back from taking Papa on a hike. I was a bit worried for him. The climb was unrelenting, filled with rocks and boulders all the way up. I had to pull to the side twice to rest in the shade and get a drink of water (Oh my God, if I could only tell you how many times my Papa stopped-- but that just wouldn't be cool). They told me it was a 30-40 min climb up, but it felt like an eternity with my little legs. Luckily at the top, I found a pond. When no one was looking, I walked right in to cool off.  (Okay, truth is I followed a Portuguese Water Dog into the pond until I realized that I'm better off in the shallow end!)
I made it!

Going back down the mountain was much easier. Papa and Mama were a bit slower-- something about it being 'jarring to the knees.'  Whatever that means?    Must be a people thing.

Happy Father's Day!

That's my Papa.  We boys like to hang in the patio and just chill.  I'm told that a little later we're going for a hike up Wachussett mountain.  Yaaay!  I'll let you know how that goes.

Until then, Happy Father's Day to my family in CA:  Grandpa, Uncle Romy, Uncle Jess, Uncle Dan, Uncle Dan 2, Uncle Ben, Uncle Jr.   and my family in NY:  Grandpa Bruzzy, Uncle Mark, Uncle Dave, and Uncle Ramsey.   Here's hoping you all get a lot of meat to eat!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weekends too?! -- A dog's work is never done.

Today I joined my Caring Canines team at an assisted living facility. I was the shrimpo of the pack, but I was a big man on the job. I met a super nice lady and asked her if she wanted to take a photo with me. She said she'd be "delighted." I think that meant "yes" cuz when Mama showed her the results, she was extra happy. I'm guessing by her smile that I musta put on all the right moves!

A little later in the day, my Aunt Turah and Mama took me to my AKC Canine Good Citizen exam. I'm not sure why I needed this-- maybe Mama and Aunt Turah thought I was a bad citizen somehow? I have to say, this test was a bit tricky. First of all, who makes a pup take a test at a groomer's place? Was this some kind of joke?! I'm petrified of the groomer and getting my nails cut! I call shenanigans!

The evaluator made me perform so many commands. She even asked me to be calm and quiet when my Mama left the room. That one woulda been easier if I didn't understand all the crying dogs in the back room telling me to run for my life!

Aunt Turah and I celebrating!  I passed Aunt Turah!!
The good news is that I passed. I'm now officially AKC certified. Hmmmm..I wonder if I have more degrees than Mama and Papa now?

Aunt Turah and Chicken Nuggets!

Okay, so here's the deal.  One of the best perks of working at HMS is the reward my Aunt Turah gives me at the end of the day.  Don't tell Papa, but she buys me the 10 piece Chicken Nuggets and de-breads them for me one at a time!  (Papa has me on a strictly organic Blue Buffalo diet, so this is just a little bit off target)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

06/16/11 Cooper's 4th day on the job

Today was my 4th day at Countway.  It was filled with lots of new events for me. 

Mama dropped me off a little early today.  I didn't mind.  I was pretty excited to get to campus.  We took a little walk on the HMS Quad for a pre-work "potty-break."  As soon as I was done with my "business," I made a beeline for the entrance to Countway.  I was greeted by the morning security guard and custodial staff as I got to the double glass doors (always good to say hello to my friends).  I made a quick right turn toward my office (a very comfy corner with a couch, chair and dog bed nestled behind the circulation desk) and immediately began looking for Wendy, the morning access librarian.  Upon finding her around the corner, my tail just couldn't stop wagging.  More of a surprise was the Joshua-sighting I had later in the day (I was told that he was on vacation)!  Joshua's awesome.  He sits with me on the sofa and works on his laptop while I await my next appointment.  Today was bound to be a good day!

I had a few new visitors/ clients throughout the day that I really enjoyed interacting with.  However the fire-drill at lunchtime captured my attention.  It was an all new and interesting experience for me.  I must have been pretty cool through it all, because at the end of the day, I heard Emily (the afternoon access librarian that I love) telling my Mama that I was very calm during the evacuation to the lawn area of the HMS Quad.  I stood there with the rest of the Countway staff and enjoyed all the extra petting that I got (I think some almost-grumpy people needed a little puppy-comfort while they awaited re-entrance to our air-conditioned building)! Amidst all the noise,  I heard my name.  It turns out that my Mama and Aunt Turah came to take me out on a lunchtime potty-break.  My day just kept getting better!

As they took me around the lawn, I heard a couple of students tell them that I was their dog.  Mama and Aunt Turah looked a bit confused until the girl-student explained that they reserved time with me and it was suppose to be right now.  I actually saw them last week too, so I guess they must like my services!

The best surprise of my day came at the very end.  At 5:30, my Papa came to pick me up!!  It was the first time he came to my office and I have to say, I think he was impressed. 

Cooper at Harvard Medical School

Here I am at Harvard Medical School.  My hours are 9am-5pm Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Countway Medical Library.  I'm very excited to go to "work" and often run to the doors of Countway as soon as my Mama drops me off in the morning.  I love to see all of my "co-workers" when they come in.  

I take my job seriously and know my duties as a good therapy dog.  During my day, I enjoy providing smiles and comfort to all of the Harvard Community.  Just stop by the circulation desk to make an appointment.  I look forward to meeting all of you and would love to make your stressful day just a wee bit better!

When I am not working independently at Countway,  I work on the weekends as a therapy dog with  I visit assisted living facilities, hospitals and elderly homes in the Boston area.