Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cooper's weekend work at Neville Place, Cambridge MA

 Here I am awaiting my Caring Canines team at Neville Place in Cambridge, MA.  Mama and I are team leaders for this visit.  This usually means I need to step up to the plate and reign in the troops!

To the right, you'll see the team I had for this mission:  Annie, a Poodle-Shih-tzu mix who won my heart, Murphy, the English Springer Spaniel who's my buddy on visits, and Gracie, the beautiful big Goldendoodle.

The visit was a good one.  Mama and I met a very eloquent Armenian couple from Belmont who've been married for 59 years!  You know what happened when Mama asked what the secret to a lasting marriage was?   The husband answered, "she's right," at the exact same time that his wife answered, "he's right."   ---Super cute!!

Later we met a funny man named Manny (see the picture to the right).  He was such a big flirt with my Mama and all the ladies!  He said to Mama, "just put the puppy on the next guy's lap and you come sit on mine!"  She was a bit shocked and laughed a bit.  She tried to get him to pet me, but then he reached his hand out and rubbed Mama's chin and cheek!  While I think he was harmless, we best not tell Papa.

Next I met a wonderful lady named Nora (see below).  We had a very nice chat.  She told me that Manny was 700 dog-years old!  Wow. That's 100 human years.  She said that after we take her picture, we should take his  photo and submit it to the police!

Overall, it was a fun and funny visit.  There were lots of smiles all around the room!

When we got home, Papa told me that we were going to go to the neighborhood block party.  Hope I can get some grilled chicken breast as a reward for a job well done !!!

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