Friday, July 29, 2011

I took a Vacation-Day! 7/28/11

Look at my lovely view from Aunt Mary's vacation rental!

I called in "sick" today.  Technically, I took a "personal" day.   My Anderson family are at The Cape, so Mama, Papa and I took a day-trip down to visit them.

I had so much fun running on the beach during low-tide!  Who knew that relaxing could be so tiring though!?

Relaxing is sooo tiring!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

$100 Bribe !

This might compromise my journalistic integrity.

I got bribed!  I made my first $100 today!  Grandpa gave it to me so that I only put "approved" postings of him in my blog. Can you believe it?

Dear Cousin Casey, Cousin Dexter and Cousin Yoji:  Blogging can be lucrative!
Do I have to give it back Mama?

Friday, July 22, 2011


Who's Danny DeVito?
I never saw the movie "Twins," but Papa said he and Grandpa look just like the guys from that movie!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kennebunkport, Maine

I made it to Maine! That's me; that's the Bush Estate in the distance.    Hmmmmm....I'd really like to take a poops there.

7/19/11 Happy Birthday Grandma

My Grandma and Grandpa from California are here! Today was Grandma's birthday. I'm so excited! I've been expecting  their visit for a while. I had it all planned out : First we would go to The Medical School. I would show them around my work. Then after a long day, we'd all go out for a steaak dinner.

When they woke up (they're on California time), we drove to my work and we walked through campus to the Library. I led the way, of course. We got to the glass doors of my building and I told the guard, "They're with me." And Presto! They didn't need a Harvard ID to get by. I showed them my office and also all around the different floors of the library. They took lots of photos, so I think I made them proud.

At the end of my day, Mama and Grandma showed up to get me a bit early. I was with two clients, but left them immediately when I heard my ride was here to get me! Grandma said "Cooper did you say sorry for leaving early?" Oops! I ran back around the corner to them to say sorry and bye and sped back to Mama and Grandma amidst lots of laughter.

In the evening, the adults went to The Top of The Hub restaurant for a fancy dinner. I didn't get to go. So much for my dream of taking Grandma to a good ole steakhouse for her birthday!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Wanted: Harvard Therapy Dog Assistant

 I am exhausted!  Who knew that being a therapy dog to Harvard academics would be soooo tiring.  Don't get me wrong, I love spreading the cheer around the HMS campus, but phe-e-e-e-w, this gig is getting BUSY!  For example, did you know that I now have a "waiting list?"  Yup.  For any walk-in clients that would like to see me when I am already with a patron, they can add their name to the waiting list.

I think I might advertise for an assistant.  Wadda ya think? I mean, the deans and chiefs around here have vice-deans and vice-chiefs.  Why can't there be a Vice-Therapy dog?

Hmmm, an assistant wouldn't be a bad idea??

Score One for Cooper! Thursday, 7/14/11

I pulled a fast one on my colleagues!  Today was a particularly busy one in the office.  So I pulled the "gotta go to the bathroom"
excuse.  You all know how that goes, right?  Your boss asks you to do something you don't really want to do right now and you come up with the..."oh, I'm gonna just run to the restroom"  line.

For me, I just sat-pretty and waited for my buddies to take me out to the HMS quad to "go potty."  While out there, I took the liberty to run all over the grassy expanse and just enjoy the beautiful day!  Just when I thought I got away with a brilliant move,  I heard Emily telling Mama about my scam just as we were about to leave for home.

Hey, even a Therapy Dog needs a break once in a while!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4th!

I took Mama and Papa bike riding today! It's one of my favorite activities. Sunshine above and wind in my fur --it's a poor dog's convertible! We biked along the Charles River to the Esplanade to check out the July 4th festivities.

I thought I was in heaven; I could smell Italian sausages, funnel cakes, burgers and ribs.

Wanna know what I ended up with?   Nada. Zilcho! ...and Mama and Papa claim to love me?? Not so sure anymore.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

"What's so great about Harvard?"

So you'll never believe what we did on my day off?  Of all places Mama and Papa decided to relax at, they chose to bring me to Harvard Yard.  Can't I catch a break?  Note to Mama and Papa:  "Hey guys, we already work at Harvard, maybe someplace a bit more adventurous next time?" 

Mama, of course, thought it would be a great idea to wear my Harvard bandanna.  Then she asked me to head up the stairs of the Memorial Library.  I obliged, weaving my way up between tourists. When I stopped to face Mama, the steps around me had cleared and all I could hear were cameras going off behind and beside my Mama.  Who knew that all those people would snap my photo too?  Apparently Australian, British, Indian and Asian tourists think I'm super cute.  (I was secretly hoping Mama would share my "celebrity status,"  but she mainly kept it on the down-low.     "But Mama, what if a Hollywood agent is out there?")

As we were lazing on our blanket, two little brothers (5 1/2 and 7yrs old) wandered over and sat down.  While petting me,  the smaller one asked my Mama, "What's so big about this place?  It's just a buncha' buildins."  Mama quickly agreed with his logic.  Then he turned to his mom and said, "Mommy, can we just stay with the doggie?" 

Take that John Harvard!  I might get a statue one day too.