Thursday, July 21, 2011

7/19/11 Happy Birthday Grandma

My Grandma and Grandpa from California are here! Today was Grandma's birthday. I'm so excited! I've been expecting  their visit for a while. I had it all planned out : First we would go to The Medical School. I would show them around my work. Then after a long day, we'd all go out for a steaak dinner.

When they woke up (they're on California time), we drove to my work and we walked through campus to the Library. I led the way, of course. We got to the glass doors of my building and I told the guard, "They're with me." And Presto! They didn't need a Harvard ID to get by. I showed them my office and also all around the different floors of the library. They took lots of photos, so I think I made them proud.

At the end of my day, Mama and Grandma showed up to get me a bit early. I was with two clients, but left them immediately when I heard my ride was here to get me! Grandma said "Cooper did you say sorry for leaving early?" Oops! I ran back around the corner to them to say sorry and bye and sped back to Mama and Grandma amidst lots of laughter.

In the evening, the adults went to The Top of The Hub restaurant for a fancy dinner. I didn't get to go. So much for my dream of taking Grandma to a good ole steakhouse for her birthday!

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