Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Cooper is overdue."

Did someone forget to return me?

Yesterday, after his day in the clinic, I overheard Papa tell Mama that he had a medical student with him that knew me. He didn't know Dr Anderson was my Papa, and proceeded to tell Papa his Cooper story:
"We have a dog at the medical school. It's really cool. We can check him out. I checked him out the other day and later, when I got home, I got an email saying 'Please return Cooper. Cooper is overdue.' I even had to call the library and tell them I already returned him. It wasn't me. I didn't lose him!"

Those silly medical students!

Turns out, sometimes the librarian forgets to scan me back into the system-- then I'm marked as 'overdue.'

Anyway, what a small world! Papa went on to tell him that he was my (proud) Papa.

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