Thursday, December 29, 2011

Juicy Turkey Guaranteed

Okay, so I have a secret to share and it has to do with The Juiciest Best Turkey ever.

Unbeknownst to my Mama and Papa, I was watching and learning how to Grill a turkey for our Christmas Eve feast. They learned the recipe from a nice Irishman named John Sullivan from Harvard. His family only makes their turkey this way and he swears by its yummy goodness. (are Harvard people good at cooking too?!)

So don't tell them I told you, but here's the secret to getting your turkey meat to fall off the bone and wow your guests and your pups...

Brine your turkey with H2O and sea salt (enough to make a raw egg float) plus any additional seasoning you desire. Keep the entire bird submerged for 6-24hrs.

After brining, I saw Mama and Papa rub butter, salt and pepper all over the turkey. Then they put it in a tray and onto the grill at the lowest heat. They then barbecued the bird for 12 min/pound.

After putting the turkey on the grill, I heard Papa tell grandma that he was "taking care of the BBQ every 5 minutes." In fact, he and I were watching football the entire afternoon! This turkey came out like pulled-pork, the guests were raving about it and praising Papa. Best of all...we boys barely did any work!!

By the way, I'm only sharing this recipe with the hope that a few kind souls will make it again and share a few morsels with the pup that spilled the beans!

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